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Welcome to Convert to Vector | We convert any bitmap image to perfect, print ready, hand drawn vector artwork


Convert to Vector will hand draw your bitmap based images to perfect, scalable
vector artwork in less than 24 hours. Most jobs are only $15.00!

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Resolution independent scalability

Bitmap (or raster) images such as jpg and gif are stored as tiny dots, called pixels, that are assigned a color, and arranged in a pattern to form an image. When you magnify a bitmap image, you can see the individual pixels that make up that image.

Vector images on the other hand, are not based on pixels, but use mathematical formulas to draw lines and curves. Therefore, when vector images are scaled up or down, they do not suffer a loss in quality or resolution such as found with bitmap images.

If you have artwork in bitmap image format and need to scale the image to a larger size, such as for a print job, the printing company will typically ask for the image in vector format so that they can then scale the image to the desired size for the particular item.

How to vectorize an image

You might see some computer or web applications that advertise automated bitmap to vector conversions, however, the end results are typically not very good. It is the industry standard, especially in the print industry, for bitmap images to be redrawn by hand to vector format.

At Convert to Vector, we can convert your artwork from bitmap to vector from nearly any popular file formats such as jpg, gif, psd, and more. You can even scan your artwork or take a picture of it with your smartphone. Just send the file however you can!

All of our bitmap to vector conversions are completed by highly skilled artists using vector graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Professional results for a nominal price.


Simple Designs - $15.00
Simple Designs - $15.00
Medium Complexity - $20.00
Medium Complexity - $20.00
Complex Design - $25.00
Complex Design - $25.00
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    An account will be automatically created for you when you submit your order. For multiple file processing or ongoing work, you can optionally create your account first.
    An account user name and password will be emailed to you. When your file is ready, we will also send you an email so you can log in and review your completed file.
    Once you recieve yoru completed file, you will have an option to resubmit it for revisions. We are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction and will make sure the artwork is exactly the way you want or we will issue a refund.


Convert to Vector does exactly what they claim. My completed artwork always comes back perfect - thanks !

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